many kindnesses shown us while among strangers in Paiiis,

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of the eventualities to which consanguinity leads, it is at least

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upon the health and constitution of those living upon it, we

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has bovine laws, but no funds to enforce them ; two

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Either vaseline or olive oil is good ; so is the cream first recommended

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1 There is now. in the seventh week after the ( . . , slow return of tactility and

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Nagel — Handbuch der Physiologie des Menschen, 7 volumes.

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individual views in the Journal. Let these views be illustrated and con-

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the sebaceous follicles in about 60 per cent, of the cases. Jaundice

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He was an able and faithful physician, a devoted husband, a

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The Club is looking forward to a chapter in a National Sorority and hopes

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such a state of irritability, nothing is so soothing as the

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etc.) recur with frequency, it is necessary to choose, more or

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seen in the second stage of catarrhal pneumonia; they are small isolated

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give mildness of climate to the west sides of both continents,

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that it is one of any great practical value, but it may

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it, but this may result in excessive secretion for a short

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the scourge of all armies in the fall of the year, these suggestions should be wide! j

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strain of energy and passion never found on the eastern slopes of this

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to preclude a satisfactory curvilinear section through tbe opa4)Qe tii^sae

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The Government Hospital for the Insane, with a population of

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occurred : the ward had, however, been " fumigated " with sulphur.

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which is not impregnated; cf. figures 6 and 19. Axones of these neurones

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Morbid Anatomy. — (a) Tubercular processes start more frequently

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He further says, that there has been no complaint made of this

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.oadi: _ saw kg upon a sleigh. While he stood behiud the log the rope

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with Japan and other countries of the Orient is constantly

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Tuberculosis has come to be recognized as one of the great destroyers

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always regulated according to what each cow can consume.

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re-written, and new diagrams added. The work generally is well

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Edition, which is just published, are all of a highly interesting

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