absence of all acute inflammatory phenomena, the negative char-
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enteric fever, 8 of erysipelas, 2 of chicken-pox, one of cerebro-
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things must be considered in this connection. We no longer, thanks to
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Other health and safety risks include skin problems, hear-
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cular system. Our author also avers that many of the fevers and
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people, the City Council. The Medical Staff ask only what is
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four months, in effecting complete immunization of horses to the
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human instincts, it is successfully combated by various psychical
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of amputation may arise. Occasionally the gangrene of
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tract ion-har, and after a little I found the head was conung through
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Grate apples, pears, quinces or other fruits fine ; sweeten and freeze.
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site of the operation, and yet does not flow into the larynx, causing
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dures — namely, the operation of tracheotomy or intubation of the
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Surgeon A. M. Wilder, U.S.Y., will report to the Commanding General,
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tance (3 to 4 inches) from the outside of the body. In
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while the seeds or seedlings of plants were seriously impaired in
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always sets up more or less conjunctival scarring. The cornea may suffer
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which exerts a favourable influence for the development of organisms coming
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was unclear because the patient had only serologic evi-
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passed through often affects his nervous system, and some of the
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afferent (sensory) projection systems of neurons, by which peripheral
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cervix, or with various combinations of these condi-
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effect, as immediately after the injections the secretion of
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suppurating sores. Pustules have sometimes been produced, but these have shortly
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phvsician. All these operations of the so-called intel-
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