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matter quite without interest to them, when once the
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jaw. Other facial or buccal malformations may occasionally be met with.
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Europe are to-day, with some one or two single exceptions, all agreed.
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favourable experience of the latter and the best chemical opinion to
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must have a title and number. Symbols for units should be
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account, as well as from its non-toxic qualities, it
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cannot assimilate wholesome, strengthening food and
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of repair, accelerates the recovery, decreases the death-rate, and
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He — Even- time I kiss you it makes me a better man.
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teaches us, that it consists in inflammation of the digestive surface.
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is accorded a very high place in the success which the whole treatment
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Intrapleural Injections of Sterilized Air. — At a recent
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"The following day, viz., the third from the attack, there was no
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Miller, Carlyle Harvey. Clinical Instructor in Medicine.
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in febrile, afebrile, rheumatic, nonrheumatic and normal persons.
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persing the inflammation, increase it and invite an
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of any one but a relative, or an accepted lover, in the street, and in
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could frequently be made, and the prominent symptoms
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grooved director, working forward in order to avoid the rectum,
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similar cases, the exhibitor invited suggestions from members of the
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merous deaths caused by that disease, and that consump-
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higher, because the left auricle is dilated, and con-
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marasmus will eventually result irrespective of the nature
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him, knew what the signal meant and pulled away with all the
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and is reached by the bridge of Quattro Capi. On it
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they are exposed in their occupations ; in this latitude (Baltimore)
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its practical importance in the field of our work, if for no other
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that compatible with life were the whole organ affected. Beyond the 33rd day
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ring in our service in St. Joseph's Hospital in this place, that we are now
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validus. Gray, by the smaller size of the plant, and by the thinner
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of bodily activity ; hence, after a series of rapidly re-
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as it is commonly called (not the magnolium.) The symptoms o1
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the ostium vaginae was narrow and rigid ; vagina distended to
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About the fourth or fifth day, when the vesicles are filling mth serum,
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