lic would ward ofT all diMeaseH, and that the city water
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elaborate pus. The considerations which have reference to the second form of
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erization in 29 cases. No pathogenic organisms were
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if the operation can be done without fatal injury to the
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ilized test tubes. Seven months later the bacilli were found to be
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of blood or serum round them — is met with in any case, such symptoms are
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much individual and personal happiness, but even domestic happiness
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she visited Bethlehem, where I examined her. Pulse,
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stricture at the bifurcation may become so great as barely
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has little to do with it. The pastern of an affected foot
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and in private dwellings where cleanliness and ventilation appear
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Received tlie only Grand Prise for Artificial UmU at the Worid'i Fair, St. Louii
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levels is 0.2586, but we have rounded the SI values for ease in remembering them
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her first and second labor without trouble; but in her
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as an analgesic, 534; a training-school for male nurses, 535; the
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£molv4dt That a oommitte* of ibe appointed, to sapenrlse and oon-
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conditions present is difficult, as abnormality of the
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citizen of him than there is of making an honest, and peaceable man
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yond the upper jaw ; the lower lip is thickened; the
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Age of Sydenham." It was thus made to constitute an
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should hint that brandy is " less injurious " when a little
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velocity thus imparted, when the bursting charge consists of gun-
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fever in any house where foods or beverages liable to convey the in-
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left open in an amputation wound was found in the course of my operations
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quickly mounted so high as to threaten the great venous trunks with
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be a common case of national swollen head. In all crises we
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when properly made, is in our estimation, far superior to the
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artificial, and due to unsatisfactory cleansing. In fact, the
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ment. The prospect now is that the bill will become
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chloride, and nitrous-oxide gas, the latter being used almost exclu-


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