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tions of risk dependent on the great variety greater than that of those who are relieved

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definite areas of skin in guineapigs, when it found " that in

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Hospital, and is almost solely devoted to receiving infants born

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punctiform hfemorrhages, perivascular exudation, foci of softening, and,

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ing tubercular phthisis do not enjoy an amelioration of their morbid

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very few cases from each were examined, and in four instances these

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the Society will not be exclusively confined ^yithout pretending to question the pro-

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in Preston; Birmingham 17.9; Blackburn 23.2; Bradford 14.9;

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paratively low temperature were observed. — British Medical Journal.

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eight o'clock, free from headache and thirst ; bowels

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be three, four or more inches from the point of injury; if an artery, it is

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from the hospital, well up in the pelvis, slightly ante-

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the water should be tepid, and in cold weather quite warm.

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its ftge, the hope is created, that by stea^ peisevezanoe and united effort the

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looaliUes the bulbs do not enter into the microscopical papillce, excepting in the lip and per-

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organization has been evolved, through co-operation between the Federal

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out from the periosteum which was left and gradually absorbed of the

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stomach through the tube is followed by a variety of sounds from

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dren's Year was to interest thousands of women in this great sub-

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were slightly adherent to each other. The abdominal cavity was

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treating constipation, regular habits of defalcation, ex-

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The uterus was irrigated, and the patient left in a comfort-

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are clearly put down. Of course, this necessitates repetition of the

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At a recent meeting of the Clinical Society, held in Lon-

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Peroxide of Hydrogen in Pneumonia. — Having an out-

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muscles of the abdominal wall, the tendinous intersec-

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and dried in vacuo over sulfuric acid, the yield of crude product being

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reflexes are exaggerated both superficially and deeply. The sphincters are

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lectual down-grade is inability to sustain attention or even collapse of the

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