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of Delegates, Representation in “Const. & Bylaws”
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seriously impairing the blood supply of the portion of
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but little altered through the centuries. As regards the second,
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all events, it should not be so cold as to be disagreeable to
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always safe to promise a recovery from this disease.
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exposed to diphtheria infection and who are not inunune to diphtheria
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Clinic, 10666 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla 92037. (619) 554-8556.
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nitis may result. After this has been done a large,
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cold baths has lowered the temperature for but a short time, and smaller doses have
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3. Campbell, C. : Med.-Chir. Trans. (London), 1895, 78, 39.
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posterior aspects of the leg, extending from the ankle to the knee.
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tion demonstrated what I anticipated, even higher values. This clari-
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the healing of the wound and as a result of this ob-
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leave the roots of the teeth long and slender ; the roots
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— a city that classes of Cornell students learn to ex-
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osteotomy and excision were convalescent in the pretty
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im; ' exact condition of parts, and those present heard
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well shown in Australia, New Zealand, and America, proving that a race
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perfectly safe to allow the healthy cattle to leave the
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enough to come to him, and his mother would not let
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tion suggesting that of the ulnar nerve: an unclassified bone
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the left side, and an oblique incision made, extend-
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respiratory oscillations. If the animal be now placed in the vertical
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The Commission accordingly undertook three series of experiments,
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In the Gazette hcbdomadaire de Mcdicin et de Chimrgie, for October
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ing care, as yet has but 75 in her colony, at a cost of $4.50 a
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who had gone before him, but the veneration in which
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cicatrix. It was his point, and he regarded it as the
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School ; one of the Ordinary Physicians to the Royal Infirmary, Edinbm-gh.
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plasma) is particularly interesting, since the substance is unaffected in


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