ung ; both lungs otherwise healthy. No evidence of recent
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i-to-5000, peroxide of hydrogen, etc., are all excellent. For
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made for them, that its continued and dreadful mor-
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it is more important to get quick results; so we will just do f<»cible
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1937. •Uhle, Charles A. W., E. Valley Green Rd., Whitemarsh, Fort Washington P.O., Mont-
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mained only to do what was passible with the limited
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pass along the urethra without such assistance. The urine becomes
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in the interstitial connective tissue in the nephritis of pregnancy.
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See vol. liv. of the Transactions published by the Royal Med. and Chir.
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performed an identical treatment: a subcutaneous injection
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phenomena which gave rise to the evolution of heat. Was there any evidence
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of a hasty adoption or recommendation of his method, for he allowed
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done eifectually, the cure will be rapid and complete.
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theria. In 675 cases in which the diphtheria bacilli were absent a diagnosis
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in bed with an absolutely dry diet, all fluid being given by rectum ;
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mitted, though still denied by some of the profession. I conic-- I
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Mr. Moynahan divides perforations into three classes, acute, subacute,
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and white rocks. Table Mountain, June 2. 1894 (No. 122); Lara-
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insist upon a student knowing — ulceration with or without hypopyon,
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ing forward on to the chest. The movements of these
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York Dis{)en^ary, dcbcribcs the iiibirumcnt which he has devised
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in severe ones, every hour during the daytime and every three hours at night.
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44. If tuberculosis runs a relatively rapid course as a result of diffuse pneu-
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These complete examples from cases of gall-stones occurring
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In this section of his paper the author shows that a peculiar state
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while the seeds or seedlings of plants were seriously impaired in
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Kentucky.— Samuel Annan, R. W. Gaines, J. B. Flint, J. W-


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