great disappointment to himself and his wife, he had had no children.

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such cases, too often it is all that remains to keep the stricken

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triumphs of modern surgery have come from the surgeon's making the

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result of direct injury, such as by blows or railway accidents. In

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l|<i li in. IV la .III I \pll>^^i\v uttcrance duc to uTegular movcmeuts of the

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from time to time in the British Medical Jodbnai,, still

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symptoms are disorders of the seats of the highest cerebral activities,

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depressiiXi of spirits, all of whkh are typically j^-esent in the

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Hammersley seems to have up his sleeve ; but we will venture

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pothesis, though maintained by numerous subsequent writers, remained

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logical, 2,290 pathological, and 601 therapeutical and pharma-

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healthy. The ductus venosus was open, and, as far as I could

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of pancreas for diabetes. This last result is hardly sur-

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of the pancreas, such as by tiunor or cyst, are accompanied by jaun-

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with some fluctuation for four to six weeks. The old saying that an

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fully selected for the purpose. I consider the injections

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For adults the thymol has to be given in large doses, preferably, there-

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can biaxin be used for uti

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gestures differ entirely from those of head-pains not inflammatory.

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There is no subject which causes such anxiety, both for the patient

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tion to that operation. An attempt was made to separate the

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months, leaving the patient anemic and exhausted. During its course

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corpuscles. Only one definite separate flagelliun was detected, but

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who had not left her bed from paralysis for eighteen months, but the

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slowly increases, imtil he has a spastic, ataxic, or even cerebellar gait,

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stopped either by the police or the procurator fiscal ? — No.

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and myself in the Bkitibh Medical Journal of January 10th,

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remarkable feature that the joint disease is wholly unaccompanied

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up hospitals and let them to tlie authorities, and grow fat on

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woman should be. Yet Ouida, and others like her, sometimes

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Sir,— A few weeks since you permitted me to ask, through

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upon the opposite side, in which tlie knee had been kept ex-

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Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Robert Jones, M.D., London County

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the customary drink with prudent people. The drinking

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which is that there is a striking provision in the functions of the kidneys

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Syphilis may occasion nephritis; this may occur early in the

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vision two hours afterwards, when I tested him, was perfect;

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flammation. In them the aspiration may be repeated as often as

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June Bth : Surgeou-Major Wilii<m Bale (retired). 4th Volunteer Battalion,

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Smith. ,I. Lorraine, M.B. The Function of the Thyroid.


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