disk was dead white, the veins full, and the arteries began at

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of blood during operations on the limbs, is so great that Mr. MacOormac takes

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than in the intestines, because this has no foreign

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vesicles appeared in the intervening normal areas and for a con-

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lime, potash, iron, etc, i. e. an acid phosphate, which is hereby offered to the public.

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hence we may conclude," says Prof. P. " with much certainty, that all

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later, the skin of the affected part presents an inflamed con-

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gonorrhcea. I think their chances of getting it are almost negligible.

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applicator, care being taken to keep it circumscribed, as the acid ditt'uses

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Assistant Attending Physician, New York Hospital. B.A.

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mur or accentuation of the second sound. There is more

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neuridine, neurine, choline, and one apparently identical with muscarine,

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with brothers and beau to a quilting or a singing school or to

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culus capitis is the most prevalent. A tabulation of

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exceedingly valuable because of their minerals, timber,

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ing to resolution, we may regard every cell of adventitious tissue as

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attended Mr. G. during his iUness. His reply will show

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This condition, while hereditarily transmitted, does not

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location of the chancre made but little clinical difference at that

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COBTDON L. rOBD, M-.D., ProfeeHir of Axatomr aa^ Pbnlolocr.

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physicians to cut costs, increase productivity and support the bottom line. The primacy of the

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into, yet it is of the utmost importance, especially for horses

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and an asthmatic bronchitis. Heart enlarged. Pulse 84, temperature

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14 Waeber B, Brunner HR. Brunner DB, et al: Discrepancy between antihyper-

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I have used the X-rays for the past two years in all cases as


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