general paralysis of the insane. A further resemblance to the attacks

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ment be not kept scrupulously clean, and also if great care be not

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it is one of the great eyents in life. The diilcPs sub-

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supportive of similar resolutions over the years. However, he

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distinction between the food in the two portions of the stomach relates

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ing held last year, and afterwards published in the

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sions, cannot expand suflSciently to keep up the pressure upon

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Trans. Path. Soc. London, 1889, p. 420.— 51«. Ibid. p. 431.-52. Hodenpyl. New

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member this point. In the group of cases dependent on fatigue

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records of the Marine Hospital for the past nine years and have

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sive action, it has succeeded in so irritating the mucous

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small immature-looking tubers, which are light and starchy.

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tents. During this expansion the nucleus remains attached

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Assistant Surgeon to the Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorflelds, &c.

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"He did not even remember that in parting he had withheld the

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It has also been shown that the only type of cell in the blood stream

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while those recently vaccinated escaped to a man. Furthermore, there are

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resume their ordinary mode of Hfe, and this on an ordi-

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days after the accident. It may form an abscess; if so,

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extensively torn, and the vitreous protruding. — Medical Record.

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stating an economic notion at all, but a fact that could be illus-

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to collapse from the weakness of the heart's action. The func-

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movable joint. There is a double-jointed foot, having nine toes. The

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this in addition to the functional activity of the stomach

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of bacterial immunization against the antibodies of the host rather

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drunk. Professor Dubois and I have seen similar cases.

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blanket next the square end of the shelter half, near and parallel to the fold,


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