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pig or monkey; the disease was not produced by tick bites in any of

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in guinea-pigs is the appearance of large numbers of multinucleated

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the body, it seemed of interest to determine if some fat of radically

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Dr Joseph Bell referred to a case of internal aneurism in which

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Catechism of the Catholic Church, " Man is a reasonable being,

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of castor-bean globuHn, for otherwise reactions should have been

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to their ameboid motion. Work on this point is still in progress,

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water through an opening in the umbilicus ; the neck of the bladder

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lent after 102 days in lung tissue that had been desiccated and

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branch, makes a man a doctor of a science of which he probably

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posterior. The overlapping of the left or posterior by the right or

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Nevertheless, a time comes when this epidemic loses its force, and

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suprarenal glands and liver slightly enlarged and congested. The external genitals

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side, and I accordingly proceeded to cut down upon the tumour in

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opinion as correct, that the pavilions would derive any greater advan-

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lungs and of the liver, not yet fully settled. It rests on the fact,

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mixed with varying quantities of "immune" rabbit serum and injected into the

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are particularly suited't'o'i^theromatous processes involving the cardiac

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height, 96 ; all the symptoms which indicated danger having dim-

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still greater by short accounts of the methods employed in the pre-

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legumin in properties, composition, and relative proportion of the

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Salt. — As in compensated heart lesions, so in latent renal disease, a

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mortem theatre, when seeking the explanation of sudden death, and

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that some such toxins, it is beheved, are liberated from the bodies

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of the clinician in a manner that would be impossible in a similar

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absence of moisture, the dryness and quantity of the scales. The

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so great length by many of the French authors, that the variety of

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tem. — These form the second class of hospitals, to which I now

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any strain; (2) The same movements are never to be immediately

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and the urine has a high specific gravity (1.025-1.040 or even more),

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Case 4 was a na^vus of the upper eyelid, very similar to Case 1,

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toxic symptoms, particularly insomnia in many individuals, and even

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usual daily dose is Vo-l cm.^ (7 to 15 min.). Its action is very rapid.

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