tuberculous affections of bones in the child, large sequestra are often
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deposit of blood-stained fibrin. Considerable haemorrhage had taken
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slightly curved with convexity forward (Fig. 313). This incision
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some of the joints. Focal areas of decreased density are found.
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In 20 per cent. I have found some abnormal peritoneal
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[Reprinted from The Journal of the American Medical Association, October 6, 1917,
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advanced nations in this respect, and for which, from the generally
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chiefly in respect to necrosis and ulceration. The two groups of le-
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sea-weed in the dietary of the people, and thereff)re the
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public service. Viewed from the standpoint of society at large, we
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After reading and rereading one of the leading articles with close
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wards of a hospital by any physician before. He was, however
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The term clinical or visible signs of disease is of the
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some animals — for example, the horse — is a most serious
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slightly injure, for no cauterising effect worth mentioning would Ix'
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The chemical changes occurring in silage, were at one
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tion of the spinal column be neglected. In earlier stages local pain may
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in every hernia there is an efl'Qsion of sero-sanguinolent or muco-sangainolent
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introduction of the haciUus anthracis or its spores into the Living tissues
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Fig. 41. 94 days. Diffuse infiltration of the scrotum, secondary ulceration
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workman who had to dress the feet of diseased cows had, besides an
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Continuing the subject of orbital aneurism, and especially that of arterio-ve-
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over all. This hardened in a few minutes, was removed, trimmed, and a large
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the epigloltis, nnd, gliding down upon it, touched the
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voted to bandaging, which is profusely illustrated, containing on
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These complete examples from cases of gall-stones occurring
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Ivory, to Bleach. — Stained ivory may be bleached by
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part of which contains original' observations and interesting remarks. Although the
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amount to 450 pounds per company per diem. alloAving 25 ]-)ounds for
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modic, thinking it also a promoter of digestion. He
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Animals killed in the slaughter house by dividing the large vessels
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to the profession. Case after case is taken from among people of
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ferent animals through which they are subjected to a difference


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