afterwards washing in methylated spirit or turpentine. Stains on cotton or
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rides is inevitable, but if this takes place in the stomach by contact with
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tion of those employed in the practice of Pharmacy, and that there exists the neces-
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German maneuvers will be supplied by war dogs which have been most
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and atonic from non-use, as the muscles of the arm or
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In the directed or in the routine x-ray examination of
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distinctly related to overwork or some mistake in diet of the
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was in a very prosperous condition. I had good reason
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I ^\'ould Continure finding that I have removed paims And
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father died of cancer. Aunts and uncles are presumed
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Liver, 2 lb. 3 oz., shows early fatty infiltration and cloudy swelling ;
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bered with useless limbs. I therefore feel it is unnecessary to
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struation difficult or impossible, the ovaries performing their
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on animals, found the zinc in the liver, bile, blood, spleen, 'lungs, heart,
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ances of a nutritive fluid: it gives an acid reaction. This fluid he has also
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Give a wine-glassful every morning, before feeding-time.
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or a fortnight, got quite rid of sweatings, wkick for months had been
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Final Examination for the Triple Qualification in Medicine and Surgery at the sittings
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were made, all the little fixings were selected and completed, and laid
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be that portion of the uterus that is covered immediately by
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tion (for example, in other states or foreign countries) can only
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eaiice, since in a study of 100 normal young adults
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for measuring the amount used. The abdominal electrode should
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evidences of slight hemorrhages, but not a very old
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or feeling it ; and the 6ve senses, by which the mind, through
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clyster, or moie, if there be occasion, provided it be done at
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to forces which have been adjusted to a different con-
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Surgery of. — A. Miles, F.R.C.S.E., Assistant Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.
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she is unable to perform ; and she can execute all the movements of the small
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1. John i, 1-5. Prayer against devils, barya, and magicians : ftft</» « . . .
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of chemical change in the physiological action of certain alkaloids. From
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ture per va^am, keeping the cyst empty or open, and tne employment of medi-
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cured some nitrite of amyl, and placed three drops on a hand-


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