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" The proportion of nitrogenous matter or plastic ailments to carbo-hydrates or respiratory con-

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of the uterus at or near full term that was usually so, but in the

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time or opportunity was allowed to make the arrange-

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ological study of this affection, for the question pertains to a fundamental

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becomes filled with the disagreeable vapor, the inflammable

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are the same or directly porportional to each other. It is obvious

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especially those of the face and of the extremities, by malnutrition, and


Roquette, and teach them some useful trade, amid beautiful, healthy

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able to satisfy its protein demands much more readily with meat than

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mode of invasion, and development, requiring also the same treatment. The

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A very minute portion of foreign matter may be present in the

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of course, destined to be sold as they were, for the most part sepa-

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in Fleiner's case there was not only the stenosis of

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well marked contraction and wasting of the foot and muscles of

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hand during his absence on a journey, and that it had

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the neurilemma sheath introduces a factor which is responsible

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oblique and transversalis muscles are brought into play the better ;

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including his books and papers. The only articles preserved wire

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The patient had been under no appropriate treatment since the

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tember she had a severe attack of haemorrhage with many clots, and

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physician, occurs in a family, it frequently happens that dissatisfaction

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abstract of paper read before 31. Ann. Meeting U. S. Pub. Health Ass.,

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a more profound exhaustion is shown by irritability, depression and

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of all the animal functions. Finally, gentlemen, I must express to

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editions. The number of remedies in the German Phar-

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Histologically speaking, Bright's disease can never be cured.

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the sauce law of our market,' would so many people have

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Germany. The case of the Crown Prince of Germany, 4*7.


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