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capacity to burn or store sugar.^^- ^^ The fault is not that the tissues

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the train stretching over 8° or io° in length, with a

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penultimate stages of most exhaustive illnesses, malignant growths

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vulsion occurred from which he died before a second injection could be

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session on Monday, 6th from 12 o'clock to 5 p.m., and Tuesday momln ««

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and surgeons of this city, an Esmarch band having been applied around

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Nosology— the classification of disease is best based upon the charac-

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io as many months. Another attack, however, sooner or later

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of James A. Anderson, Port Boyal^ Vd,, Mag 28, 1864.

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(b) Dorsal aspect. (After Hirst, Bull. Ent. Res. 1914.)

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are not controlled or directed normally. Later on, want

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face. At first, I considered the rash of erythematous

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11. Konjetzny, G. E.: Ueber die Bedeutung der Gastritis und Duodenitis fiir die

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In planning these camps the primary objects were to

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That of Tully, in the Philadelphia Medical Recorder, is the most elabor-

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Guislain (Gazette m^d., IV., 33) describes gangrene occurring in the insane from

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with abundance of food and stimulants. It is also of

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were probably genuine examples of malarial cohtis. In cases of

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strength rather requires to be economised for resisting the sub-

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grave character, to the extent of ground over which the men are

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swarm, and keeping but-a few swarms, they may be all

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excited from any cause, or if the arm be exposed to violence, the attacks are

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(1) that it 'is concerned in the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, and

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by Clark Mills, the sculptor, shows that one lobe of the brain

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remote from the region of the occipital foramen, its general want of

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and .Jullien has often recognized them at the expiration

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appear. It is a prolonged, very emotional, and somewhat un-


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