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process is added to the bronchial pneumonia is still uncertain, but from
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water you would give in the first year; perhaps the same barley
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since operation is the only means of cure. In Case 3 the patient
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cervix. Normal pregnancy followed and labor pains began, but no progress
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perature. The child had been sick for about ten days. It seemed to be an
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ascertained, under the Porro and Sanger methods. It is very unfair to
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of parents. Still further, or to interject, it is now generally agreed
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requiring patients to obtain these drugs as a medicine from
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easily, a circumstance which is quite important in practice.
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also among the common causes of insanity ; but chorea itself is a cause
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trophy has become thick and stiff and is filled with stagnated
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with any of the requirements of this Act, shall, on conviction,
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and to the other legal bodies which govern the practice of medicine
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bucket devised by Dr. Einhorn. Other methods of obtaining
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but in inflammatory conditions (and in infections, as above) in-
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the blood was examined but once. With reference to the amoeboid
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saline solution, he had had little reason to fear the danger of
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the shock from emotional causes, and hence the after-occurring
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of gastric disturbance and pain under the liver, with a great many symptoms
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revealed isolated patches of emphysema surrounded by hemorrhagic extrava-
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over left hip. This increased in size gradually, until it was as large as
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with a calculus of this description. Under these circumstances, the abandon-
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first picture shows the condition present on December 4th. The second
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(Piatt) ; excision of elliptical portions of the rectal wall ; this,
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employed are fluid hydrastis, sulphate of zinc, iodoform, aristol,
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that it has continued to grow, and tibia has not, at its upper end, as its
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person, and had observed relapses in patients who had exposed themselves
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Naples the diet of the people is largely farinaceous. In the former, dia-
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toms; a slight degree of right hemiplegia ; patient thinks chorea began
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human sputum from a typical case of rapid phthisis ; this animal died
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the cadaver water was easily forced through the bowels until it
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the lower) it seems best to reject entirely. The ligatures are
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During the last winter (1889-90) he began to suffer from paroxysms
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them ; and thus endeavors to place him as nearly as possible in the po-
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tures is a matter of considerable labor, and, owing to our imperfect
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Case XIII. — Male, aged forty-eight years. Admitted in 1862 suf-
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large dose of oil (sometimes a quarter of a pound of solid fat of ham or bacon
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commended it, and in the main they indorsed the writer's views.


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