but these must not be accepted as indicating distinct diseases as

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Otitis. Dr. Duplay observes that when in the course of an

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ISth. Walked to the hospital to see us. His health is good scarcely

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tains i grain of bichloride of mercury. Poisonous in

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justifiable or necessary in a case of gastric ulcer to intro

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Maccagno s animals died in convulsions and showed fat embolism of

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generation of a girl seventeen years old who had never menstruated

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which carries off with it the morbid state. The chlorate does not

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a causal factor in the production of chlorosis. The train of thought

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with camphor and opium in locked jaw. The bruised leaves

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existing not only in Ontario but the other provinces. The former editions

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well preserved parasites in various stages of development they may be

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of danger if they are not subseijuently sterilized. Quite recently

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spreading by degrees towards the lower belly and some

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fluid which on boiling yields a granular precipitate of albumin and occa

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and etpially well have recoj nized the futility of hoping to

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der sulphur. Powder iodide sulphur. Ointment oxide zinc and

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week consequently no true ankylosis could be taking place. Passive

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hole. These catheters are then tunneled subcutaneously and

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cessful they still offer a great deal of interest and show

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well condensed. The precision of his references and the ad

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vice Perley Harry. Captain and Assistant Surgeon who at his

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of the uterus and Dr. Clutterbuck derived great advantage from

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York County Medical Society the Medical Society of the

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the vessels and believes that they terminate in the muscular substance

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students and contributing his time and expertise to

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and that occurring in disseminated sclerosis Charcot pointed out that

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abstract of the proceedings of the society s fifth annual ineeting

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Handsome octavo volumes riclily illustrated. In active preparaHan

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IN TWO VOLUMES Large vo. Handsome Cloth. With numerous

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by hydrocephalus d as a substitute for trephining in

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administration should be forbidden. Until this is done

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fluctuation distinct all over the abdomen the surface of vhich was

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character by the involvement of the palms and soles and by the

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short leg continually getting shorter by ctonparison as the other leg

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