If adhesions are present we must puncture elsewhere.

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develop. These will be recognized by complaint of shooting pains throughout

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diseases of the aorta, cardiac over-strain, angina pectoris, mitral stenosis,

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by the operation. Urinalyses, blood-examinations, X-ray examina-

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found menthol to serve an excellent purpose as a substitute for cocaine. He

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and drainage through the abdominal wall and vagina will give

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the lung. In no case was the true crepitant rale heard. The physical

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to me, the stimulation of the outdoor life gave him an appetite that

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demand for repeated diligent searches for the bacilli in the sputum.

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due to temporary obstruction. These attacks of intestinal colic be-

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abscess, on the other hand, except where it occurs in persons affected

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feet, and head and face, had grown larger, and that her physiognomy had so

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phine and atropine. The eruption of urticaria between the fingers and

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it leads in the region affected in these cases to as much suffering and to

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gest that the promoters of the two societies join hands and

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MONCORVO {Rev. Gen. de Clin, et de Therap., 1889, No. 36, 576) published

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erosion within the pylorus there were no macroscopic lesions of

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numerous small arteries and veins supplying the mucous mem-

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lay entirely to the right of the umbilicus. The tumor was about

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rupture of a pyosalpinx is the result of mixed infection.

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the people take into their hands the distribution and production

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used have been generally glycerin, olive, almond, or paraffin oils, or gum-

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to tljese localities. Moreover, the measurements of the gray matter

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true course, should be determined." — D. Noel Paton.

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many rales with a normal percussion note heard every place except

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ing vessels and four or five thousands for steamers is the usual burthen ;

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Operation advised, but the patient refused. Twenty-four hours went by.

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this disease have appeared ; in other cases it has amounted to but a

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to get him back to normal condition. That takes some time,

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immediately an osteomyelitis, regarded in this light, becomes first a local,


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