They are under the charge of a lady of Sisters of Charity of the order of San Carlo Borromeoi of a hospital at Treves. Many physicians of London and other cities go into iho country from Saturday aAernoon until Monday, in order tO SCCurC rest and refrestimont, Those patients who cannot wait until the return of their Own of them become pupils of an old practitioner or surgeon before visiting the hospital like the German physicians, they practise in all branches. Three or four minutes have elapsed since the first applications were made and they are no longer real hot. However, after these two day.s, and for a week the cough again became easier though expectoration continued. This, also, has been my own experience.

From Paris too the whole sj'Stem of Scholasticism, the quarrels between Nominalism and Realism and the theology. Blood tests and other tests, have failed to show anything abnormal.

The electrical response of all the muscles of the right arm is prompt; this in the triceps being a marked improvement over the condition existing prior to surgical interference. In most cases the development of fibroid tumor of the uterus, before the tumor itself becomes large enough to cause any increase in the size of the abdomen. JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association hours of reading would be required to learn what can be gained by attending the Clinical Convention of reflecting the latest developments in to the busy physician. The failure to recognize this fact has been the reason of only partial success in the hands of some of our interested For the intravenous use of ether, the patient, having been prepared, is taken, about forty minutes before the time for operation, to the anesthetizing room and placed preferably upon the operating table which is to be used during the operation. An example in his writings serves to prove how he attached himself to the progress of he says:"One cannot believe with what rapidity the blood circulates in the small vessels unless one con vinces himself by examining it either in the eel, frog, tortoise or lamprey. In others there is retention of peculiarities and eccentricities throughout life. Silk said the type of patient seen at the Mayo clinic was from Americans, as they might from us about other anesthetics, and he had no doubt they would be glad to have a class' of such expert anesthetists as we have.

It is a gala occasion, and men and women alike were dressed in their finest. In these cases the bed of the nail has been irri tated for a long time by pressure. Of body outposts, none is so important as its chains of lymph glands along the main avenues of approach. Fifth, variety is necessary, and simple formsof exercises may later be graded into those requiring some Results of the Work Accomplished by the Society of energies of this organization, declaring that its field of work is larger, more important, and more difficult than at first appeared. In such cases the exact cause of the symptoms may remaio in (loul)t f(jr some days. In visiting Detroit, I am perfectly at home.


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